Big Data Heritage

TruVantage by Saggezza is a complete analytics system that leverages a multi-year, proven big data product. Built to address the ever changing conditions of the financial institutions market, TruVantage offers a more flexible, affordable and easy to implement product for financial institutions who are serious about transforming their data into an asset. TruVantage empowers data-driven decisions and leads to enhanced customer experiences and increased revenue—at a fraction of the cost and implementation time.

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Our History & 
Industry Expertise

TruVantage began more than seven years ago as a big data analytics platform for large telecommunications organizations. The telecoms industry processes enormous amounts of sensitive customer data, so our innovative data experts created a platform that could harness, process and make sense of this critical data — quickly, and securely. The secret to our speed involves a new way of engineering data platforms. By significantly upgrading the conventional ETL (extract, transform, load) process, we’ve developed a revolutionary new way to streamline the preparation and analysis of large amounts of data arriving at high speeds.

Today, financial institutions can reap the benefits of Saggezza’s years of industry expertise, innovative software solutions and deep understanding of data.

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