How TruVantage Handles Your Data

All data is transmitted using Secure File Transfer Protocol (“SFTP”) and there are two security options that your financial institution may choose based on your preferences.

The first is a process that runs at the financial institution before the data ever leaves your data center. All non-public information (“NPI”) is cleansed or masked using an algorithm unique to each institution.

The second runs the same process at the Saggezza data center. Either way, no NPI is stored within the cloud based solution. When lists, including customer information are necessary, the process runs in reverse and the list is placed on a server within your data center. This permits your financial 
institution to address BYOD and access to your NPI on your own terms;
you decide your security governance posture.

TruVantage has a standard protocol omitting all NPI: Names, account numbers and other confidential information. With TruVantage, you can analyze your business data without ever compromising your data security.

Required Data and Integration

TruVantage is designed to ingest your financial institutions’ core data (loans, deposits, wealth, credit card, mortgage, services, transactions, customers, relationships, households and center-of-influence). It can be enhanced with data from CRM, sales pipeline, incentive systems, social
media, and other data sources as well.

Regardless of the data your institution can provide, a significant benefit of TruVantage is that we do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most. We have a data ingestion engine that quickly and securely collects, cleanses and computes your data, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that transform your data into an asset.

At Saggezza we have proven success integrating the
most difficult data sources.

Maintaining a Secure Platform

TruVantage’s Admin module also allows you to completely control who has access to your data. This allows you to protect your customers and your business, while still allowing different levels of employees to access the data they need to succeed.

You can limit access to the TruVantage platform based on IP or Mac addresses, ensuring staff working remotely are held to the same security standards as onsite employees.

TruVantage Technology Platform

Originally based on the open source platform Apache Hadoop, Saggezza has invested in many years of development and released several major versions of our big data and advanced analytics engine. The current technology platform can best be described as proprietary intellectual property as the data ingestion system, data structure, big data platform and advanced analytics engine have been created by Saggezza.

The result is a big data and advanced analytics platform that has been tried and tested in the telecoms and logistics industries. We are fortunate to have delivered substantial value to many of our S&P 500 clients.

This platform has now been customized for financial institutions by experts from this industry. A front-end user interface and several modules have been created to empower mid-sized banks and credit unions.

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