Large-Scale Benefits

We recognize that introducing advanced analytics to your financial institution can be a daunting task, so alongside our TruVantage product we also assign you a Data Scientist or Data Analyst to support you during and after the roll-out of TruVantage.

Saggezza’s Data Scientists will analyze your data each day, and train your staff to uncover new opportunities, reduce expenses, retain customers and create new revenue streams.

Similar to how data scientists at larger banks have been trained to turn mountains of information into quick insight, our Data Scientists advise your decision makers to take action on immediate opportunities, track success, and improve cross-sell opportunities that enhance their competitive advantage.

Our data scientists can…


  • icon-360-view See a 360° view of your institution’s performance
  • icon-maximize-return Continuously track the Value Finder and Action Manager modules to maximize return
  • icon-collect-data Are embedded in your day-to-day operations — collecting data from up to two-dozen sources
  • icon-training Help define customer target segments and enact new strategic initiatives
  • icon-customer-targetProvide training to your staff, while consistently validating ROI
  • icon-collaborateCollaborate via weekly calls, walking you through your portfolio, while overseeing goal setting

At the Forefront of Change

With a TruVantage data scientist, your institution receives a trusted advisor and a strategic partner to leverage massive amounts of data, shape long-term strategies and help you reach the summit.

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