Transformative Power

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Better data security
  • Enhance Customer Experience Management
  • Improve Customer Loyalty/ Decrease Churn
  • Predict The Next Best Product
  • Identify profitable opportunities
  • Measure what matters most
  • Support, Expertise and Guidance When You Need it Most
  • Create recurring set of prescriptive Best Practices that drive ROI

With TruVantage you can…

  • icon-360-viewSee a 360° view of your institution’s performance
  • icon-sell-opportunitiesIncrease retention and revenue by identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • icon-customer-valueHalt customer churn and maximize customer lifetime value
  • icon-profitable-customersTrack the actions of your most profitable customers to gain best practices
  • icon-data-scientistEnlist an experienced Data Science Consultant to identify new revenue streams
  • icon-timely-resultsSee results in as little as 120 days with quick product deployment

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Built on Saggezza’s proven Big Data analytics product for Fortune 500 clients, TruVantage lets you quickly analyze and act upon customer and product insights, so you can respond to changing conditions faster than the competition.

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