Global Benefits

  • Deliver a substantial ROI and increase franchise value
  • Get a 360° view of the performance of your financial institution — validate your intuition with data-driven insights
  • Compare performance and profitability across a wide range of metrics
  • Enhance your existing Business Intelligence function and infrastructure

Banking Benefits

  • Target your most profitable customers with recommended and relevant products
  • Identify specific customer data segments and recommend best actions
  • Monitor, measure and evaluate the ROI of each action
  • Compare performance metrics across your institution
  • Increase retention and customer lifetime value

Credit Union Benefits

  • Identify your most valuable members
  • Improve retention of your best members by identifying which ones merit rebates
  • Increase revenue per member on an ongoing basis
  • Receive a substantial ROI and increase franchise value
  • Lower interest rates on loans, or higher interest rates on deposits

For C Level Executives

  • Drill down on performance data across all levels of your institution to make more informed business decisions
  • Compare performance profitability across a wide range of metrics
  • Lift institution performance through development of best practices

For Branch and Regional Managers

  • Know which product to offer to which customer, and when
  • Compare employee, branch and region performance at a glance
  • Discover your most profitable customers and products

For Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

  • Better understand customer and product trends
  • Optimize campaigns to deliver more targeted and impactful cross-sell offers
  • See who and where your most profitable customers are

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